Thursday, May 13, 2010

Practice question on the 1st prong

If you don't have our Pass the 65 ExamCram Online or Pass the 66 ExamCram Online, I highly recommend getting it, even if you already have a full suite of materials. The questions are often challenging, and they provide clear explanations when you hit the "rationale" button.

Either way, let's apply what we discussed in the blog post before last, the one discussing "Does the person provide investment advice?" Here goes:

Which of the following least likely meets the definition of an "investment adviser"?
A. a certified public accountant who includes a 401(k) portfolio allocation service with his tax preparation services at no extra charge
B. an insurance agent who publishes a website in which visitors receive allocation strategies based on data they input; only site advertisers are charged
C. a writer of an Internet newsletter who publishes recommendations on small cap stocks to paid subscribers on the 15th of each month
D. a lawyer who offers total financial planning services to certain clients

EXPLANATION: this is a tough question. You have to find three people who do meet the definition of "investment adviser" and cross them out. The one who does not meet the definition is your answer. Right? Okay, what about the accountant--accountants are not investment advisers, right? Right?
Wrong--nobody ever said that. An accountant is not an investment adviser if he/she is not providing investment advice. But, this CPA is providing specific investment advice. Even though he doesn't itemize the bill with a charge for the advice, the advice is part of the services for which he receives compensation. This accountant is an investment adviser. The insurance agent might not receive compensation from site visitors, but he receives compensation from somebody as a result of providing specific advice. The insurance agent is also an investment adviser. The lawyer is holding himself out as a "total financial planner" to the public. I'd say he's an adviser. However, the newsletter writer gives no investment advice specific to anyone's individual needs. Therefore, he least likely meets the definition of "investment adviser."


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