Monday, December 7, 2009

Another happy Series 65 customer

When customers pass their Series 65 or 66 exams, few think to email me and let me know the good news. Still, I have hundreds of thank-you emails from ecstatic test-takers who skipped their way out of the exam center. This is one I received today, and I think you'll find some good stuff that you can apply yourself. Looking at his GoNoGo results, I asked if he had taken the Series 65 yet. He replied:

Yes, sorry did not get back to you. I have to look up the cert sheet, but I scored around 85.

Interesting observation on the test. They are getting very good at writing the questions with language and phrasing that is enough different, and fairly obscure, as to really make you have to re-read the question many times. I am sure nerves have something to do with it, but it seems they are going to great lengths to make sure no one who studied material like yours or Kaplan easily recognizes questions verbatim.

Also of note, there were less retirement vehicle questions than I expected, and more trust formation questions, which is a subject I never really remembered any questions on as I studied. Those were pure guesses for me. All in all, I seemed to “check for review” about 35-40% of the test because of the wording of so many of the questions. In the end I did not change a lot of my answers unless it was obvious I was overlooking the right answer. It just seems the test writers are getting better at making the questions and answer choices a little harder to decipher. Definitely not as easy to immediately remove 2 of the 4 choices as it used to be.

Alls well that ends well. I will gladly recommend your materials to others.



PS. People should not underestimate the power of an experimental question. I know we cannot “tell” which is and is not, but some of the questions will be so confusing, and I recall one that I am sure had 4 wrong answers, and one that had four right answers. Well, when you are in a game time frame of mind and extremely nervous about passing, these definitely can knock you off your game and change your focus. Remind your clients, as I am sure you do, not let any one question mess with your head — because it may be a mind bending experimental one. If you still haven’t answered in 2 minutes, click and move.

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