Thursday, January 22, 2009

Friday Free Broadcasts

If you would like to attend a regular series of Series 65 and 66 webinars, check out the Friday Free Broadcast schedule under Get Free Stuff at both and Fridays at 11 AM CST (Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee time zone), I broadcast to a few hundred hungry minds, usually on a Series 65 and 66-related topic. In fact, tomorrow's broadcast is on the Securities Adminsitrator, a topic that's important on both tests, as well as the Series 63.

We'll be rolling out a combined Series 65 and 66 online class very soon. The 65 will meet across eight 1.5-hour sessions. The 66 will meet along with the Series 65 candidates for 5 of those sessions. Still working out the scheduling details. As always, content is my focus. Putting things into a schedule--well, still working on it, as I say.

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