Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Don't look for the RIGHT answer

When you're taking a difficult and confusing exam such as the Series 65 or Series 66, test-taking strategy is key. Most people try to read the question, then look up at the ceiling and try to picture the right answer, hoping to see it below when they finally look at the four choices.

Don't do that.

Your job is not to look for the right answer; your job is to eliminate the three wrong answers.
In fact, you might want to start reading the four answer choices before reading the question itself. This helps you to see where the question is leading and may, therefore, help you to eliminate the extranneous information.

I'll be posting examples of questions broken down step-by-step, but for now, try to apply this simple but important strategy of eliminating wrong answers. Even if you only eliminate two answer choices, your odds will at least be 50-50 on even the most difficult questions.

Send me an example of a "difficult" Series 65 or 66 question, and I'll break it down step-by-step for the whole community.

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