Monday, October 1, 2012

What is a Brady Bond?

Some of you might see a question about Brady bonds, so let's cover it quickly here. First, these bonds are issued by developing/emerging market governments. Second, they are payable in US dollars. Third, they are often collateralized by US Treasury securities. Fourth, most issuers are Latin American nations. Finally, although these bonds are associated with emerging market issuers, they are among the safest bonds in that category. Need a Tutor?


  1. I answered this question wrong. Is it one of the 10 non-graded questions? I have taken this test 3x and failed. Took the test back in 2002 when it was a 48 hour cram session. It's different, I'm older, got kids, got a quota and just need to pass this baby!

  2. it's on the exam outline, so it was probably graded. You might want the Pass the 65 ExamCram Online Test Prep at from the NASAA outline, I see:
    foreign bonds
    a. risks and advantages
    b. government debt
    c. corporate debt
    d. Brady bonds