Saturday, January 15, 2011

Series 65 Sample Question

Best way to prepare for the Series 65/66 exam is to take and analyze practice questions. Notice how I said "take AND analyze." Too many candidates focus on trying to get a particular score on practice questions. It's much more important to learn from the practice questions. In fact, you should probably keep a notebook just for taking notes on what you can learn from working through practice questions. Like this one:

An annuitant chooses the settlement option known as "life with 10-year period certain." The annuitant dies 13 years later; therefore,
A. the annuity stopped paying after 10 years
B. the annuity stops paying when the man dies
C. the annuity pays the beneficiary another three years
D. the beneficiary receives the cost basis only

EXPLANATION: "life with 10-year period certain" means that either the annuitant or the beneficiary will receive at least 10 years of payments . . . and, if the annuitant lives longer than 10 years, the annuity will pay until he, you know, dies.


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