Thursday, September 9, 2010

Almost famous

Pass the 65 and Pass the 66 are getting just big enough now to have clients who are celebrities. If you've visited the fan page at you might have noticed that one of our Series 7 clients sent in a photo of his smiling face with passing score in hand outside the testing center. He happens to be Whip Hubley, with film credits including Top Gun and St. Elmo's Fire.
This morning while reading the Sun-Times, I saw a full-page ad for Macy's with a familiar looking photograph at the center. Under the photo, the name Vicki Gunvalson really caught my eye. Hey, I know her, I realized. She's studying for the 65. Turns out, she's also a reality TV star on The Real Housewives of Orange County. She's in Chicago tomorrow night to autograph copies of her new book and help Macy's sell some high-end apparel.
Not only do I know Vicki through emails, but here in Chicago her sister, Lisa, has been coming in for Series 65 tutoring recently. Today she managed to pass her Series 65 on her third attempt, with a 76%. That's going to put the pressure on her famous sister, I'm thinking. I wonder if it's possible that this little back story could somehow find its way into the reality show. Maybe I go on the show and provide some private tutoring for Vicki's Series 65. Take her to the point of tears like some psychotic personal trainer--I think that's what sells on reality TV, right? Other people's pain. And, boy, I can't think of a bigger source of pain than the Series 65. Maybe it's nutty, but I think it would make for some good reality TV.

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