Thursday, February 4, 2010

What's so hard about the Series 65?

I can only take the Series 65 about once every 2 years, so as time goes on it gets easier to start believing the claims that some customers try to sell me about how they "saw all kinds of questions they'd never seen before" and how "crazy all the test questions were." However, I just got back from the testing center myself and while there was a handful of surprise questions, I was amazed at how closely the Pass the 65 ExamCram Online Test Prep questions track the real deal. No, I did not get a 100% because NASAA can ask anything they want about the US Tax Code, and even my CPA would not have known the answers to a couple taxation questions that I saw. I'm sure I also made a few simple mistakes, just as I do when taking my own questions (I only get a 96% or 98% on my own GoNoGo exams--seriously). But question after question, I was amazed and relieved to see simple points about investment adviser registration, securities features, investment risks, Roth IRA's, etc. In fact, I'm not sure how anyone could study the full package, especially with the ExamCram Online Test Prep, and not pass that test. The only explanations for a failing grade that make any sense at this point are: 1) lack of study time, 2) massive text anxiety, or 3) a wicked combination thereof.

If you don't already have it, get the Pass the 65 ExamCram Online Test Prep and take one or both GoNoGo exams at under "Am I ready to take my exam?"

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