Thursday, January 28, 2010

Can anyone pass the new Series 65?

In case you're wondering if anyone can pass the "new Series 65" with the new concepts added and the higher passing score, please take a look at an email I just got from a rather elated customer:

Thank you thank you thank you!! Passed the 65 with a 79 the first time. Oops. Must have studied too hard. Great author, great study materials equal great results! Yeehaa!

That score of 79 tells me a few things. First, the customer was not ready to stand up and teach a class on any aspect of the Series 65. Second, the test was REALLY HARD to study for and pass. And, three, he made it happen, anyway. In other words, when somebody gets a 92% on the Series 65, I can't take much credit for that--that person is a braniac. When someone gets a 79%, I know that they performed at a higher level than they thought possible and put in a huge amount of work. So, if you don't plan on getting a 92% on your natural abilities, I suggest you do as this customer did and work your tail off.

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