Sunday, October 11, 2009

Annuity Payout

If you're studying for the Series 65, I highly recommend purchasing one or more of the recorded classes at Maybe you already have materials that your firm provided--these recorded classes will make sense of that stuff in a hurry.

I'm going to write a practice question on variable annuity payouts now since it's still too cold to walk the dog this morning in Chicagoland. Cody can wait--you, on the other hand, are studying for a very difficult and serious exam. Here you go then:

An annuitant chooses life with a 10-year period certain. If the annuitant lives 12 years, what happens?
A. the beneficiary receives two years of payments
B. the annuity pays out for just 10 years
C. the annuity pays out for 12 years
D. annuity units are converted back to accumulation units

EXPLANTION: with a 10-year "period certain" the annuity company will pay for at least 10 years but will also pay as long as the annuitant lives. Whichever turns out to be longer--that's how long they pay.


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