Wednesday, May 13, 2009

UGMA Accounts and Gift Taxes

For Tax Year 2009 the maximum gift that a donor can make to a non-related minor child in an UGMA account is
A. $11,000
B. $12,000
C. $13,000
D. None of these choices

EXPLANATION: don't jump to conclusions! Sometimes test questions try to mislead you. You're supposed to start thinking about the annual gift tax exclusion amount, which was $12,000 for 2008 and is $13,000 for 2009. That only has to do with gift taxes. If you give someone more than $13,000 this year, you pay gift taxes on the excess above $13,000, which has absolutely nothing to do with this question. There is no such thing as a "maximum gift" for an UGMA account.


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